Monday, February 26, 2007

a good day indeed

We did a show for children today of stilts, water spitting, kazoos and funny pants, our signature brand of theatrical mayhem. The idea was to get the ball rolling and the response seemed very enthusiastic.

I am looking at this work with eyes open; for once from the place of a practitioner and leader and everyday brings new discoveries and a renewed excitement. I’m beginning to believe that you haven’t really lived until you've gotten dunked in water and rolled around in the mud. I could get used to this — I really could!

Holi, the Indian celebration of color, is right around the corner and we don’t know what to expect, but boy are we excited. From what we’ve been told, everyone runs around for an entire day, smearing each other with colored chalk – orange, green, pink and blue. Can you imagine a whole festival holiday devoted to color? All I say is hoorah for dirty living! how lucky, lucky, lucky I am to be here....

We are staying at a guesthouse across the street from Gandhi’s cremation site and the grounds are calm and wonderful. We will present a show with the students on the morning of March 9th and then off to Kolkata.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Alive and Well in Delhi

Well it took us three days to get here, but we are alive and well here in India. We’ve settled into our rooms at Gandi Darshan and were put right to work at the center, in exchange for the food and lodging they are providing us. Already it’s a lot harder work than we anticipated. We have about 35 really good young adult students here at the Gandhi Center, and they are very enthusiastic and seem to enjoy the work.

We'll be here another week, and then we plan to head to Kolkata to begin our work with Banglanatak.

The team is tight and getting along well. It’s so exciting to have so much energy in one place like this.

More to come…