Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kadmus Arts Wants to Know How We Do What We Do

Ana Maria Harkins called us recently on behalf of the podcast at KadmusArts.com.  KadmusArts.com is a site for the festival community: the organizers, the sponsors, the artists, and most importantly, the audiences.  They're familiar with our reputation performing in festivals all over the world and wanted to know more about how our International Artistic-Humanitarian programming worked.

"If you want to get information to an area of high illiteracy, you can't hand out a flyer," explains Joanna when asked about how the versatile application of theatre and the arts works in communities in crisis.  "So you get together a theatre company, and they put together a show in a flash about polio vaccines. ... You have to dispel the mythology in a practical way, especially in a place like Afghanistan, so that when the medical team follows up, the town is prepared."

For more on what makes every kid in every country laugh and where we're going next with our Artistic-Humanitarian programming, listen to the podcast interview.

Thanks to KadmusArts.com and Ana Maria for chatting us up!


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