Sunday, April 15, 2012

Springtime in Afghanistan: Jalalabad Update 4

Good Morning America,

A quick missive here to acknowledge that we have indeed heard the recent news (that is, about 30 minutes ago) about the excitement (okay, attacks) in and around Kabul. Good thing we're in Jalalabad. Whenever something happens everybody gets locked down. As for us, we're here in a quiet residential side of town away from any government buildings or markets.

We're in the "Yellow House", so named because it's yellow. It is the current rehearsal studio for Nanagahar Provincial Theatre. As is typical of the houses in Afghanistan, we are surrounded by a high 8 foot stone wall enclosing a quarter acre court yard.

The Yellow House is an oasis for the Nangarhar artists, founded and supported by the Australian filmmaker George Gittoes and the actress Hellen Rose. Hellen tells a fascinating tale of their work in Jalalabad here:
As for the artists themselves, check out:

We're about to go into rehearsal on the new show, so whatever goes on out there it's business as usual in here.

Safe and sound and keeping out of trouble,
Your friends,
Michael and Joanna

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